Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sound-Colours of a Violin

Violins vary in quality and a violinist varies the wrist movement as he or she presses on the strings and on the way the strings are stopped. Hence the tone or sound-colour varies depending on instrument and player.

If a player wants a warm tone then vibrato is used ie the wavering of fingers on the strings. If a player wants a loud, harsh sound, he plays with the bottom of the bow, called a heel. A hollow sound can be obtained by drawing the bow very near the bridge. A softer tone can be produced by placing a mute ( small piece of wood or metal that lessons string vibrations)on the bridge. An effect called pizzicato is produced by plucking the strings with the fingers instead of using the bow.

If you have a violin you are most likely using these techniques. But why not grab some MUSIC to really enjoy yourself.

If you have not got a violin you may want to learn or know someone who does.

Then you need a VIOLIN


Have fun with the sound-colours of a violin.

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