Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Trumpet

There are different types of trumpet. The most common trumpet is the trumpet in B flat. Most composers will produce music for this instrument. However ther are other trumpets in variable keys.

There is a trumpet in:
~ low F - a contralto trumpet used for some Russian music
~ low C - a bass trumpet with a deep sound like a horn and built for the orchestral music in Wagner's series of operas, The Ring of the Nibelungs
~ in D - also known as the Bach Trumpet often made with a straight tube
~ in high D - used in some works by Stravinsky and Ravel
~ in high F - another instrument used for the rapid trumpet music of Bach.

The Last Post

Maybe you are interested in other trumpet music or even the fingering chart.

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Anonymous said...

This song was originally preformed on a bugle and to play it on a trumpet it uses no valves you change the pitch based on how tight your lips are the higher you want to get the tighter your lips should be I have been playing the trumpet for one year and this song is a piece of cake just remember steady airflow is the key

Lauren B
Grade 7 student
Level 4