Friday, May 27, 2011

Home Studio Recording Gear

It is time to record your musical talent- either as a solo artist or as a small group such as a band.

1. Computer:

2. Software:

3. Audio Box:

They improve sound quality and create zero latency.

1. This is a great audio box for beginners because it offers a 2 channel interface which allows for the use of condenser microphones which require 48V Phantom power and dynamic microphone/guitar 1/4 input jack plugin. It is also the most usable because it connects to the USB on the computer instead of requiring a firewire port. Don't let the price fool you this is the best Audion interface on the market for the beginner.

2. If you happen to have a firewire port on your computer (most computers today come with them) then the PreSonus Inspire Firewire Recording interface is recommended. The little extra money is worth spending.

3. Microphone:

4. Instrument:

5. Moniter

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