Thursday, October 9, 2014

Introduction To Learning The Piano and Keyboard

You have decided that you want to learn and play the piano and you are a complete beginner. 
Where do you start?
If you are learning an instrument then you need to have that instrument to play.If you have not got a piano or keyboard perched in a room somewhere, then you need to get one
There are two broad options to choose from, the electronic piano/keyboard or 
upright/grand piano. Keyboards are cheaper, smaller and portable. But there is 
nothing like the rich, solid sound of the piano to whip out tunes from the Great 
Composers and beyond. Go to your local music shop to view and get advice. If you 
know exactly what you want however you can take a look Here.

So you now have a piano or keyboard. Great!!

If you have a piano, is it in tune?
Your piano needs to be tuned every time its been shifted or at regular intervals. You 
will need to find a piano tuner in your area. Maybe someone at the music store can 
direct you to a reliable one.

If you have a keyboard, you will need to understand how it works by reading 
the manual. Different brands of keyboards have different features and may be 
set out differently. Even different types within the same brand can have variable 

Now…how do you play it?
Great question. There are three options:

1. Find a Piano Teacher:
     You can go along to a weekly lesson for guidance.
     It is useful to have someone to see and hear what are learning. A teacher can tell 
     you what you are doing well and what needs working on and give extra material to 
     help as required.
     There will be variances on fees and payment.

2. Learn On Your Own:

a. You can buy a tutor book, CD, DVD and learn yourself. 
This is a cheaper option than lessons with a teacher and comes with a one off fee.
 You can learn at your own rate and it is convenient not to go out to a weekly lesson.
However it has it's disadvantages in that you do not get feedback and you may get 
some bad habits and get confused.  

b. With an Online Piano Course:
This is another option to be able to go at your pace. They generally have a one-time fee. 
And as well as getting books, audio, video there is a online support service which is 
used to answer any questions you may have. Take a look Here.

When you are learning the piano by any of the methods you need to learn step 
by step. Every instruction is vital to get a complete knowledge. So do not skip any 
lessons. Of course if you are learning from a teacher then it is harder to skip lessons 
and it helps keep up the interest.

When you start learning the piano you learn sitting posture, hand and finger 
position, finger numbers, note names, note lengths, the keys of the keyboard, musical 
terminology and more…all step by step, from the simple pieces to the more complex 
pieces as you move onto more notes and rhythms.
It is your job to get familiar with all of this so you can play your favourite pieces for 
sheer pleasure and total relaxation.
And so you need to be guided into good practise techniques. You know, the idea to
learn the piano is to play and have fun. So in your learning journey take note of all the 
pieces you like. And every time you go to the piano you can pull out a piece or 2 for 
a warm up or warm down. And do your focused practise bit in the middle.
Take a Look Here for Practising Techniques For A Musical Instrument.
The amount time you play each practice session depends on your level of playing.
My Motto Is
Play Little Amounts Often
On Different Days Of Week
Repetition is the Key
Rather than one larger playing just before each weekly lesson

So what are you waiting for?

Contact a teacher for lessons.

Buy a tutor book,CD,DVD  or

Purchase an Online Piano Course Here

And enjoy your amazing journey into the Art of Piano Playing


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