Are You Familiar With The Song Auld Lang Syne?
Great. Then you will be able to learn to play this song and more on the piano easily and 
quickly. And this is simply done by learning the piano notes.

So what are the piano notes?
These are the black and white keys you see spanning right across from left to right. You 
will see groups of 3 black keys and groups of 2 black keys. These repeat alternatively 
as seen in the picture above.
Now the song Auld Lang Syne can be played on the black keys alone. Take a look.

NB I played this with one hand because I was filming using the other hand. But you can play
it easier to play with both hands.
On your first lesson at learning the piano, you find out that you give your fingers numbers 
from 1 to 5 giving number one to the thumb.

Finger Number Saying

I'm the thumb. I'm number 1

How do you do, says number 2

Look at me, I'm number 3

Knock on the door, says number 4

I'm alive, says number 5

This is important to know because in piano sheet music you can put a finger number beside
a note so you play that note each time using this finger and this makes the piece easier to
play with the best finger progression.
When you play Auld Lang Syne on the black notes, each black key is given a finger 
number. Here are the finger numbers using two hands. If you don't know the piece you 
need to listen to it in order to catch the rhythm. Have a listen to the video above.

3 33 1 2 32 123 3 1 23hold     32  11 3 2 32 12 3 44 5 3hold
32 11 3 2 32 3 2 11 2 3hold       5 2 11 3 2 32 12 3 4 4 5 3hold

blue = left hand group of 2 black keys
blue = left hand group of 3 black keys
red = right hand group of 2 black keys
red = right hand group of 3 black keys
Then there are the white keys.

This is when we start to name the keys. In music, notes are named from the first seven 
letters of the musical alphabet, namely A B C D E F G. So we name the white keys as 
such. And because there are only 7 letters, they repeat across the piano from left to right. 
Each letter is given to a key in relation to the black keys. You generally learn C first 
when you learn the piano. All C’s are the white key directly to the left of the group of black 
All F’s are the white key directly to the left of the group of black keys.
Can you find F in the picture above?
And so on.
Some say that learning the piano notes are difficult. But if you learn them slowly, one key at 
a time, in a step by step order, using exercises and pieces as a vehicle in order to play the 
pieces you love to hear then you will succeed. Follow your heart and inner desire.
You may be learning the piano with a piano teacher or by yourself with the aid of a 
tutor book/DVD/CD. 
You will be guided at your pace whichever method you choose. But you need to have your 
own piano to do so. You need to touch the keys, make the sounds and enjoy your step by 
step progression to the pieces you like. So if you have not got a piano you should start 
shopping for one.
Will it be a cheaper keyboard?
Will it be a more expensive upright piano”
Will it be a mini grande?
There are many options, and your local music retailer can guide you.
Now you can use the technique of visualization to help in your learning of the piano notes.
Just imagine a piano and the keys on it.
If it helps, shut your eyes.
Visualise the note(s) or key(s) you have just learnt.
Finger the song you have just learnt in the air or table.
See yourself doing this.
This can be done anywhere away from or at the piano.
When you are learning the piano notes, you get to learn scales and chords from the most
simple ones like C and G  and F major to the more difficult ones like D flat major or F# 
minor. And this will lead from simpler pieces to more advanced pieces.
So you see, learning each piano note is not a game. It can be difficult task especially
for those who have memorization problems. Try to create a piano picture inside your mind
and visualize the note of each key. Do this everyday for a couple of minutes. Don't stop
until you have memorized the last key and note you have learnt. Retain the piano picture 
inside your mind because this will be of very good use to you in the future. 
However just visualizing the keys is not fun. You need to feel the keys, hear the sounds
and enjoy the amazing journey you are on.
Remember to reap the rewards of every little milestone and your fingers will be moving up 
and down those keys in no time.
If you have been learning on your own and would like a little extra help then This could help.