Friday, October 10, 2014

What Helps You Learn To Read And Play The Musical Note

    • When you learn an instrument you are taught (either from a teacher or yourself) to read and play musical notes. It is important to know what a note actually is in order to learn and read them.

      What Is A Note?
      A note is a sign in music to tell a musician how long to play a sound for and which sound
      to play on their instrument.

      Note Lengths:
      As a beginner you learn the 1, 2, 4, 3  count note lengths first and then branch out to other 
      note lengths.
      They look like this:
           1 count                    2 counts               4 counts               3 counts

      Note Names:
      Notes are given names to tell the musician to what pitch to play. The musician will learn how
      to play or find this pitch on their particular instrument. The notes are given names from the 
      first 7 letters of the alphabet, A B C D E F G.  We call this the Musical Alphabet. And 
      then they are written on a set of 5 lines called a stave.
      Pianists have 2 staves joined together by a long line, because they play notes with their right 
      and left hand at same time.
      The position of the note on the stave tells the musician exactly which pitch of sound to play.
      For example.


                   A                          C                       C                          A
      Now we have the background on The Note let’s have a look at what helps you learn 
      to read and play these musical notes.
      1. You learn note lengths and note pitch names slowly in a step by step fashion. When
          you are presented with a new note or note length you will have exercise(s) and pieces to
          play around this.

          Look Here at How To Catch A Musical Note and Keep It Correct

      1. Follow the sayings for line notes and space notes

      3. Playing games and more can help in your memory of learning and playing these Musical
      One fabulous way to learn your musical notes is to play Dominoes Musical Style. 
      Below is an example of Note Length Dominoes. This is fun to play is a small group.
      So all you need to do is follow the guideline of your teacher or if you are learning yourself 
      follow the tutor book, CD, DVD if the books come with them, and the above ideas to help 
      in your learning and remembering.

      If you are a piano player looking for more direction to helping you learn to read and 
      play the musical notes then Look Here.  

      Enjoy your adventure to reading and playing your favourite tunes 

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