Friday, February 13, 2015

Learn A Musical Instrument To Stimulate The Brain and Help With Memory

Take A Look At This Video

The brain does not mind which instrument to pick.

If you are not sure which instrument to pick take a look Here or Here.

Playing an instrument is great relaxation to while away some hours at home by yourself or with a friend. It also provides a social outlet to play along with others and enjoy making music together. You get to rehearse regularly together and there may be possibilities of performances to show off you skills to friends and family.

If you have a piano or keyboard at home not being used, then why not give it a go. I do give lessons in my home town but chances are you don't live there so you could benefit from an Online Course which is basically the cost of 1 hours tuition from me. You get to learn at your own rate and there is support whenever you need it. And you can always Facebook message me for help anytime.

To finish up with please enjoy this performance for two flutes, a cello and a piano.

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