Monday, November 23, 2015

Benefits Of Music For Life

Music is everywhere and has been around at least 50,000 years or more.  And  if you just stop and listen… you can hear
~ the sweet rhythms of nature
~ bubbling brooks
~ babbling babies
~ chattering birds and animals
~ magical melodies of people singing and playing their musical instruments

Music has a range of benefits whether you play an instrument or just listen to it.


If a mother listens to music, especially classical music with it’s smooth melodious sounds
and soft rhythms, during pregnancy then this can
~ stimulate the brain of the foetus with scientific proof that the babies will have improved intelligence and creative ability.
~ create a greater connection between mother and child
~ lower stress for the mother as they feel more relaxed and can sleep  better
After birth
~ A fussing child can be lulled to sleep with softly whispered lullabies sung by it’s mother – something which has been done for centuries
~ children are more happier and fulfilled if they grow up in a music filled environment
~ research indicates that children who learn music are more likely to become doctors, engineers, and computer professionals. Music learning develops areas of the brain responsible for language , reasoning and memory

People function better when they listen to music
~ They are more relaxed and many activities such as cooking, cleaning and work are more enjoyble.
~ When music is played in hospital waiting rooms and so on it reduces tensions and calms the mind.
~ It helps with:

        – coordination: clapping, dancing, exercising to the beate
        – self-expression: listening to a piece of music might inspire dance moves, a painting, creative writing….maybe even a blog or whatever hobby or interest you are in.
~ It has been well documented that listening to music has therapeutic values and can help heal people with mental problems, developmental and learning disabilities, Alzheimer’s disease, brain trauma, and hypertension.  
~ Music has meditative properties and can be used for healing and exercising.

Scientists are using music to map behaviours and unravel the many mysteries of the human mind and consciousness.
Music quickly settles down anger and resentment. It helps us to overcome feelings of sorrow and loss, lifting the mind and spirit out of despair. It gives hope.  
Singing hymns in a congregation lifts any heaviness from the mind and frees the soul and takes the devout closer to God.
 Music reflects the culture of a society and strengthens bonds. It creates a camaraderie and oneness as seen in football matches, military training, and festivals. It can raise levels of excitement with its use to call armies to war by the beating of drums, to instigate raw emotions during revolts, and to drum up frenzy at football matches and rock shows.
Did you know that while classical music soothes and opens up channels in the mind, rock music can set pulses racing, and chants can send you into a trance. Music used differently has varied effects on human beings.
What effect does the following piece “All I Ask Of You” have on you? Comment below.
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