Monday, November 23, 2015

Blogging For Success

Blogging is one of the most popular things to do on the internet. It could make you well known, earn you extra income and hence bring you success. Do you like the internet, writing and success? Is your website traffic a little low? If you answered ‘yes’, then Blogging could be the answer for you.

So, What is Blogging?
Blogging was originally created as an online journal or diary where people express feelings and let other people know about it through the internet. These personal blogs continue to be very popular kinds of blogs. However, today, people write blogs on anything. For example, you can use blogs to promote art and photography, for advertising to sell products either yours or someone else’s product, to write short fiction or non- fiction stories and so on.
Where Are Blogs Found?
Blogs are found on blogging websites either free blog hosting websites to paid blog websites.
How do you get started?
1. You sign up to the blogging system that interests you either paid or free. Maybe you would like to start with a free blog to see you go. A paid blogging system has more features so that might be something to look into especially if it is to promote your business.
2. Write blogs on anything – fact or fiction.
You can write blogs to advertise products for sale. Blogging is great way to promote the products and bring traffic to your website.
Blog topics could be on:
~ stuff you don’t want and want to sell
~ new products you have created eg crafts.
~ other peoples products called affiliate products.
Affiliate products are found in many places. Many businesses offer an affiliate program which you can join, sell their products and earn a commision. There are also places like Clickbank which is basically a bank of affiliate products on a huge range of topics.
~ products or services on a website of yours. You may have a website which has products or services for sale.
What you do is write a blog about the product(s) you want to sell or the services you want to promote eg the affiliate products or the ones on your website or the services you want to promote, on your website or blogging platform. Then you add a link of the the website somewhere in your blog or at the end directing people to it.
For example Here Is A Link you may be interested in if you are interested in driving traffic to your blog and getting leads or people who are interested in your offer.
3. Post blog.
4. Sit back and wait for the readers. One week is a good length of time to check in and see what people think. Readers may leave a comment and recommend blogs to others.
5. Update blog website regularly with more blogs to keep readers interested.
What you do is write a blog about the product(s) on your website and add the link to this website somewhere in your blog or at the end.
How can you be successful?
To be successful you need to write good blogs. Some people are good writers and others have to learn the technique. You need to write what people want to read, add a little humour and maybe some own life experiences. Most importantly you need to get peoples attention by writing an eye catching first sentence. This will make people want to read more and then recommend your blog to others.You will get known on the internet and reap the rewards of success.
Just remember, in order to be successful you need to know what blogging is, where blogs are found, how to start and continue blogging and the art of writing good blogs to grab peoples interest.
So go forth and enjoy Blogging for Success.
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