Monday, November 23, 2015

Six Reasons To Learn The Piano Online

You want to learn the piano and are weighing up the options of getting help with regular piano lessons from a teacher or an online piano course that you have heard about. Read six reasons to learn the piano online below. 

1. You Live In The Country:
Your piano is sitting in a spare room collecting dust and you thought it would be a good idea to bring it to life and play your favourite tunes. But you live in the middle of nowhere and a long way from any piano teacher. Therefore an online piano course would be perfect. You can get to learn at a pace to suit you.
2. You Can Not Afford A Teacher:
Piano lessons with a teacher range in price, usually from around twenty dollars and upwards depending on the experience of the teacher. And people usually take a weekly lesson to keep the momentum going. So over a ten week period this can add up to two hundred dollars or more. An online piano course does not cost nearly that amount and you are able to ask for help at any stage throughout your learning experience from the creator of the course.
3. You Can Not Read Music:
An online piano course helps you learn to read music step by step with use of instruction books, audio files and DVDs. You learn at your own pace without being tied to a weekly lesson. And you can repeat sections or go over sections quickly.
4. You Learn To Improvise:
You may already know how to read music or you have learnt to read music through an online piano course, and you are keen to learn the technique of improvisation to add to your overall musical experience on the piano. You may just want to learn improvisation without having learnt how to read sheet music. Whatever your reason, you can learn improvisation with the use of your computer as fast or slow as you like through an online piano course.

5. You Learn How To Play Piano Using Chord Symbols:
One method of playing the piano is to play a melody with your right hand and play an improvised bass line with the left hand using chord symbols. What you see written on sheet music is a melody line using the treble clef and treble stave plus chord symbols written above it, like C or b min or A7 etc. Are you confused? Well an online piano course can help you out.
6. You Learn How To Focus On Practice:
The secret to being a good piano player ( or player of any musical instrument ) is the three P’s. Play Play Play or Practice Practice Practice. You could have a variation of this which is P R R which simply means Play Rinse Repeat or Play, Have a rest and then do it again.
An online piano course can help you do this in a focused way so you can achieve results fast.
These are just six reasons to learn the piano online.
If you would like further information then THIS may help you.
An Online Piano Course could be just what you need to help you play those tunes you have always wanted to do.

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