Monday, November 23, 2015

The Background Behind The Name “SONATINA”

Sonatina in G Major   by Ludwig van Beethoven
An example of a Sonatina for flute. Click Picture for Flute Information
People have their own names and then give themselves a “pen” name or another name depending on what it is for eg writers often give themselves another name for their books. I have given myself an internet name called “Sonatina”. This blog is about the background behind the name “Sonatina”.
 Firstly, what is a Sonatina?
 Secondly, why choose this name?


 What Is A Sonatina? 
Sonatina simply means a shorter sonata usually lighter and easier but not always.
Sonata is an instrumental composition for a solo instrument or solo instrument with piano accompaniment, in three or four movements in related keys and varying speeds and moods.

Why Choose The Name Sonatina?
 1.  I like names ending in “a”. The name “Sonatina” ends in “a”. 
 2. I play and teach several musical instruments and thought I would like a name in music  for my “internet” name.
 3. People learn and do things, whether it is work, a hobby, daily task or something else at different rates and each thing provides an individual a mood or emotion which can vary. I liken this to a sonata or sonatina where each movement has a different speed and mood attached to it.  
When you learn things it is more effective to focus on one point ( or movement ) at a time.
Eg if you are learning a musical instrument, focus on the sound and fingering of one or two notes first. You can add notes of different time lengths one at a time next, then more notes and so on.
Eg if you are mastering “marketing your own business” then pick one platform first like blogging, facebook, instagram, you tube and learn it. Then move onto the others one at a time. Also break each main topic down and learn in bite sized pieces one step at a time. It is easier to think of bite sized pieces or points as each movement of a Sonatina.
Below is an example of a Sonatina, which I played on the flute.
This sonatina has two movements of different speeds and time signature. The first movement is Moderato and is in 4/4 time. The second movement is Romanze and is in 6/8 time. The feel and mood of the two movements are different with the Romance being faster and more dancelike.

So now, when you are learning a point or two on any given topic, think of it as a Sonatina. When you have learnt all the points (movements) of a topic ( piece(s) ) you may have learnt a sonatina or lots of related Sonatinas linked together.
Click Picture To Learn How To Play A Sonatina On The Piano
Click Picture To Learn How To Play A Sonatina On The Piano

I truly believe in learning one step at a time on any particular topic so that one can Blossom and Grow and Reach Up High For The Stars 

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