About Me

I am a business person providing a service as a keyboard, piano, flute and recorder Teacher  and a Home Base Business Opportunity.

I also have two adorable cats -Katy and Grey. Katy especially follows me around where ever I seem to be doing something at home --whether it is the gardening, watching tv or playing one of my musical instruments.

I started my musical career on wooden recorders of varying sizes which my father owned and then taught me. They were taken with us on holiday and family members would play simple tunes in unison and in parts. Later I learnt the piano, flute, then keyboard and most recently the ukulele.

My qualifications include grade 6 classical piano and grade 4 modern piano, grade 5 modern keyboard, L.T.C.L in flute, grade 6 theory and The Secondary Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning.

Currently I play flute in two regular groups. One group is The Mainland Big Band, a dance band which plays at Working Men's Clubs and other celebrations like anniversaries, weddings and large corporate dinner-dances.  The other group is The Risingholme Orchestra, which is a local amateur orchestra which performs at 2 concerts, 2 retirement homes and 2 primary schools annually. I also enjoy getting involved with other musical groups as the opportunity arises.

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