Learning A Musical Instrument

Maybe you have an instrument floating around and thought you would like to dust it down and play it. Maybe you need to choose an instrument once you have decided you would like to learn one. 

 Then you need to learn and play it. 

This article covers reasons why people learn an musical instrument, choosing an instrument to learn, practising and performing on your musical instrument.

Reasons Why People Learn A Musical Instrument

But please note; if you take up a musical instrument you benefit most if you own the instrument and are able to Play Often.

Choosing An Instrument To Learn

You have decided that you want to learn an instrument but you are unsure which one to go for. Below is a list of instruments and related articles. For further information on any of them just click on the underlined word or words. It may help in your decision making.

~ Clarinet with a Picture

~ Oboe with a Picture

~ Bassoon with a Picture

       - Recorder Facts
       - Sopranino Recorder
       - Treble (Alto) Recorder
       - Tenor Recorder
       - Bass Recorder
       - Recorder Fingering

~ Trumpet 

~ Tuba  

          -Sound-Colours of a Violin

          -Cello Sounds

         -Bass String Instruments

4. Piano

The following two articles are useful for both piano and keyboard playing.

5. Keyboard

7. Bass Clef Musical Instruments

Practicing A Musical Instrument

You get the most out of your instrument if you play it often on separate occasions.

That is Play---Repeat---Often

Click the underlined words for  Practicing Techniques and ideas on How To Catch a Musical Note and Keep It Correct

You could also Have Fun With Your Musical Notes to make the learning process interesting and exciting.

Performance On Your Musical Instrument

You may be interested in performing on your musical instrument at any stage - whether it be to one person, a group of people in a concert situation or a practical examination

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