Musical Groups

Playing in a musical group is fun whatever instrument or genre of music you are into. It gives you an outlet to enjoy playing music together and make friends with like minded people. Your group may have goals in mind like performing in concerts, playing at retirement homes, or for people to dance to. Or you may like to just get together to play for enjoyment and have a social time, whether this be regularly or irregularly.

The following are some musical groups you could belong to.

1. A Recorder Ensemble:
As there are a variety of different sized recorders you can create a choir of sounds with the high to low pitched recorders.

The Hampshire Recorder Sinfonia is a great example of one such group.

2. Flute Choir:
Like the recorder the flute comes in different sizes and you can also create a choir of sounds
from the high sounding Piccolo, to the popular Concert flute, to the lower pitched Alto and Bass Flutes.

3. Chamber Group:
A chamber group consists of a small group of musicians playing together. For example trios, quartets and quintets. A wind quartet consists of a flute, clarinet, oboe and bassoon.

An Orchestra is a larger group of musicians than a chamber group. And this varies according to type of orchestra you play in.

5. A Band:
Maybe you play the electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboards or sing. Then being part of a band could be the group for you. There are varied types of bands according to the genre of music you like to listen to and play. Metalcore Bands are just one example.

6. Piano Duets:
You might play the piano and just enjoy playing duets with a friend. You never know when the opportunity may arise to perform in a friendly soiree or as part of a larger concert.

7. Singing:
Maybe you enjoy singing which is the most portable instrument!!! You could belong to a choir or be involved in musical theatre or film and end up singing the following!!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show  ( This is one of my favourite movies and stage show )
Lyrics for "The Time Warp Dance"
Lyrics For "Over At The Frankenstein Place"

The Nightmare Before Christmas  ( An enjoy Halloween Movie )
Lyrics for Jack's Lament
Lyrics for This Is Halloween

The Messiah   ( ( A well known oratorio by George Frederick Handel )
The Hallelujah Chorus   

There are more types of groups depending on the instrument you play. You could play the Great Highland Bagpipe and be part of your local pipe band. The list goes on.