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Lessons available at Sonatina Music are in Flute, Recorder, Piano, Keyboard

Lessons taught are at home and in various schools.

Lessons can be private or in small groups of 2 or 3 ( or more if arranged )

Lesson Fees for 2016 are given on request.

Payment is due at the start of each school term on receipt of account.

 Information on the Instruments Taught 

The Flute

The flute is the highest member of the woodwind family and produces a bell like sound. It is suitable for a wide range of genres from the well known classical to jazz and more. It plays music using the treble clef. And it is very portable enabling the player to take it anywhere with ease, for example holiday and orchestra practice.

The flute comes in varying sizes . People generally learn the concert flute first and then can branch out and learn the little piccolo, and larger alto and bass flutes. A good age to begin learning the flute is around 9 years when students are big enough to hold the flute up and spread their fingers over the keys.

The Recorder

Wooden Recorders

The recorder is a simple woodwind instrument which comes in a variety of sizes. The descant recorder is the most common instrument to start and you can start at any age usually from about the age of 5 and upwards. It is easy to handle and students can get a reasonable sound and play tunes quite quickly. People often learn the recorder for a year or two first before branching out to other instruments. And the musical knowledge gained from learning the recorder first helps make learning another instrument easier.

The Piano

The Piano

The piano is a keyboard instrument. People can learn two styles of playing, on the piano. One is the classical style where you learn to read notes in the right hand and left hand. The other is the modern style where you play a right hand melody line against a improvised left hand bass line using chord symbols marked above or below the melody line on sheet music. ( The link shows a melody line plus a piano line - you can follow the melody line with the right hand and play chords with the left hand using the chord symbols above )

If you are not local to me then an Online Piano Course may suit. It is great for people who live out in the country away from a piano teacher. You can learn at your own pace and there is support for any queries you may have.

The Keyboard

The Keyboard

Keyboards are electronic pianos of varying sizes, which are turned on with a button. There are many buttons provided to enable the player to create ranges of sound and rhythmic patterns. The placement of these features vary between makes and model of keyboard.

Basically the right hand plays the melody line and the left hand plays the chords as indicated from chord symbols written above the melodic notes on sheet music.

The keyboard is a great instrument to learn if you like playing around with varying sounds and rhythmic bass lines. Keyboard players are often found in bands of varying genres. The great thing about a keyboard is that you can piano style if you want to. You can find a size to suit your needs. It is portable. And they are cheaper than a piano. You can find an Online Keyboard Course Here.